Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kentucky Vicksburg Monument Dedication

It was a spectacular occasion to which adequate words of description fail to come easily. There were over 200 people in attendance, basking in the Mississippi sun and in the heritage of their ancestors. Later in the day, a few of us who had been touring the park arrived at the Kentucky monument as the sun was setting, glistening warmly and magnificently off the bronze battle flag on top, looking even that much better than it does in these photos during the dedication. The Providence of God is at work, even when it is hard for those of us toiling in the day-by-day to see it. The Kentucky Confederate Monument is right on the auto tour road - one of the few monuments with a detailed inscription which could be read from the vehicle (or as Curt Carter put is so well, "We'll even get the lazy Confederates!").

Don Shelton

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  1. Proud to have been there, especilly with my friend and compatriot Curt Carter