Friday, May 28, 2010

SCV Candidates For Office

Below is a list of the national candidates for office in the elections to be held at the 2010 SCV reunion in Anderson, SC (the ANV and ATM department candidates have been omitted):

  • Lt. CIC R. Michael Givens (unopposed)
Lt. Commander-in-Chief
Army of Tennessee Commander
Army of Tennessee Councilman

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kentucky Bloodletting (DVD)

I have made a two part DVD of about 2.5 hours in length, covering the 1864 and 1865 reprisal executions that took place in Kentucky under the direction of Union General Stephen Gano Burbridge and his inhuman Order No. 59. This order directed the lives of four innocent Confederate prisoners of war to be executed at the site of any murder of a Union civilian. These reprisal executions took place across the state of Kentucky.

In this DVD, I have documented many of the executions and burial sites of those Confederate martyrs. I made use of research out of the book entitled, The Atonement of John Brooks, by James Head and Stewart Cruickshank.

The title of my DVD is Kentucky Bloodletting. It sells for $15, which includes postage. I did the video work on my own. (I hope you will not expect an award-winning Hollywood production!)

Thank you,
Nancy Hitt

(Note: Contact Nancy at the address above for ordering instructions.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kentucky Vicksburg Monument Dedication

It was a spectacular occasion to which adequate words of description fail to come easily. There were over 200 people in attendance, basking in the Mississippi sun and in the heritage of their ancestors. Later in the day, a few of us who had been touring the park arrived at the Kentucky monument as the sun was setting, glistening warmly and magnificently off the bronze battle flag on top, looking even that much better than it does in these photos during the dedication. The Providence of God is at work, even when it is hard for those of us toiling in the day-by-day to see it. The Kentucky Confederate Monument is right on the auto tour road - one of the few monuments with a detailed inscription which could be read from the vehicle (or as Curt Carter put is so well, "We'll even get the lazy Confederates!").

Don Shelton

My Old Confederate Home: Saturday, June 5 in Pewee Valley

Dear Friends,

Pewee Valley is one of my favorite places in Kentucky.

Just sixteen miles east of Louisville, Pewee Valley still appears much as it did at the start of the twentieth century: a quiet village of well-bred estate homes in the Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles, unpretentious stone church buildings and polite residential lanes more suited for strolling than driving. The Kentucky Confederate Home operated there from 1902 to 1934.

The folks of Pewee Valley have designated Saturday, June 5 “Confederate Day”, and they’ve planned a full day of historical events to help mark publication of my book, “My Old Confederate Home: A Respectable Place for Civil War Veterans”.

Co-sponsored by the City of Pewee Valley, the Pewee Valley Historical Society, University Press of Kentucky and others, the event includes a memorial service, uniformed reenactors, cannon fire, a craft sale, catered luncheon, tours of historic homes, a guided walking tour of the old Kentucky Confederate Home grounds, period costumes, a Louisville Dulcimer Society concert, homemade lemonade and more. (The city has arranged for a free shuttle bus service and remote parking.)

I’ll be speaking at the memorial service and signing books throughout the day. (The City of Pewee Valley has posted the day’s full schedule here:

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating publication of “My Old Confederate Home: A Respectable Place for Civil War Veterans” (University Press of Kentucky, ISBN: 978-0-8131-2582-4) at Pewee Valley on Saturday, June 5.

Also, you may be interested in reading my article about the Kentucky Confederate Home in the latest issue of “Kentucky Humanities” magazine. If you can’t find it on the newsstand, you can download it here:

Though the official publication date for “My Old Confederate Home: A Respectable Place for Civil War Veterans” is later this month, the book is currently available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller.

Rusty Williams

Monday, May 17, 2010

Minutes for the John Hunt Morgan Camp Meeting, May 15, 2010

Meeting was held at 1030 hrs at the South Park Country Club.  In attendance were the following members:  Bill Cherry, David Harbolt, Bill Hayes, Ben Kennedy, Larry Powell, Noble Roberts, Harold Sneed, Gene Woods, and friend of the camp Mike Hundley.

Old Business: 

1. The Ky Div List Server was discussed and noted that Bill Hayes is now the “owner”  and “moderator” of the Ky Div Yahoo List Server.  Dick Bedwell turned the ownership over to Bill Hayes within the last few weeks.  New guidance was sent to all Ky Div List Server members by the moderator in hopes of keeping the  group directed toward the appropriate use of the site. 

2. Mark Hiland has resigned as adjutant and those duties have been assumed by Bill Hayes until the election in October when it is anticipated that Bill Hayes will continue as adjutant when a new commander is elected.  All past due dues has been submitted to SCV National and Ky Division.  Membership cards have been mailed to the 55 members of the JHM camp.  All member will be current on National dues through July 31, 2011.

New Business:

1. The first event in May will be the decoration of graves at Cave Hill Cemetery for traditional Memorial Day.  This year graves will be decorated on Sat, May 29th at 0900 hours.  Flags will be left on the graves until approx 1600 hours on Monday, Memorial Day, May 31st.  Bill Hayes will send appropriate letters to the VA and Cave Hill requesting permission to decorate graves.  Since the camp had asked and received permission for the last several years, no problems are expected.  All are encouraged to attend the Memorial Day service at 1100 hours on Monday May 31st at Cave Hill.

2. The major upcoming event will be the Confederate Memorial Day service at Pewee Valley Cemetery at 1100 hours on Saturday, June 5th

Bill Hayes:  Rent sound powered  PA system for use by keynote speaker.  Print programs for cemetery event, bring three flags for color guard, bring 300+ flags to decorate graves. Provide mailing to camp member reminding them of upcoming events and schedule.

Harold Sneed: Bring chairs, and podium for event.

Larry Powell:  Donation of funds for gunpowder for firing battery (Gracey’s Battery), provide logistics for flags that John Bersot will provide for cemetery event. Coordinate with Gracey’s battery leader, Brian Newton.

Jim Hicks:  Confirm VIP’s in attendance at cemetery ceremony and provide into to Bill Hayes for inclusion in program. Provide biography of Rusty Williams for introduction. Liaison between camp and UDC and Bea Murphy for event coordination.

John Bersot:  provide four Kentucky unit flags for display around the cemetery monument.  Logistics for flags and poles to be coordinated with Larry Powell.

Gary Davis:  Provide reenactor color guard from 2nd Ky Inf, CSA.  Coordinate other reenactor units at cemetery event and other venues throughout the day.

All other camp members:  Please plan to arrive at the cemetery around 0930 hours to help with setup for the event.

3.  The Ky Division Reunion will be held in Corbin, KY Friday June 18th and Saturday June 19th.  Members are encouraged to attend.  The basic meeting and elections will take place on Saturday.  Info is posted on the Ky Division Web Site and on the Ky Div List Server.

4.  There will be a picnic at the West Point Park on Sat, June 26th from 1100 hours until ??.  All members, friends, family are invited.  It will be a pot-luck type of event with the camp donating $50 for meats and other items.  Make plans to attend.  The park is a great location overlooking the Ohio River with lots of shade.

5.  Members are reminded that the National Reunion is July 21st – 24th in Anderson, SC.  Bill Hayes will be attending.  Others are encourage to attend if possible.  Info can be found on the SCV National Web Site.

6.  There will be no formal meeting in June, due to the numerous events already scheduled.  The next scheduled meeting will be on Sat, July 17th at South Park Country Club.  The major discussion of the July meeting will be National Reunion issues.

7.  Ben Kennedy will assume responsibilities as Camp Web Master.  Ben had received info from Mark Hiland about modifying the website and keeping it up to date.  Many thanks to Ben for taking on this responsibility in addition to serving as camp chaplain.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Confederate Memorial Day Service at Pewee Valley


This is a digital copy of the poster that they are having made for the Confederate Memorial Day Service at Pewee Valley on Sat, June 5th. I'll be looking forward to seeing you there for the 11:00 AM service.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the New John Hunt Morgan Camp Blog!

If you're reading this, welcome!  You've found the "blog" (that's short for "Web log") of the John Hunt Morgan Camp 1342, Sons of Confederate Veterans, located in Louisville, Kentucky!

We'll use this as a space for the camp officers and others to post relevant news about upcoming and past meetings and events, as well as other topics of interest.  Members will also have the opportunity to post comments.

So, please check back often, and don't forget to visit the JHM Camp website.