Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Minutes for the John Hunt Morgan Camp Meeting, July 17, 2010

Meeting was held at 1030 hrs at the South Park Country Club.  In attendance were the following members: David Harbolt, Bill Hayes, Ben Kennedy, Harold Sneed, Jim Hicks, Mayanrd Poythress, Bennett Young, Bill Trent, Jr., Danny Davis, and representative of the Orphan Brigade, David Maddox.
Old Business:
a.  Pewee Valley ceremony was a huge success.  All agreed that it was the best attended and presented ceremony in the last 10–15 years.  Many thanks go out to the Pewee Valley Historical Society, the City of Pewee Valley, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy who all helped to make this an outstanding event that gave appropriate recognition to the brave veterans who lived and died at the home.
b.  The picnic that was held at West Point Veterans Memorial Park after the funeral of John Rayburn (past commander of the Hines camp) had good attendance and was an appropriate final gathering to honor John Rayburn.  Thanks go out to Gene Wood and David High who did most of the organizing of the picnic.
c.  The Pewee Valley CSA Cemetery Historical Marker that was destroyed by an auto accident earlier this year has been replaced with a new marker.  The new marker is the newer bronze type marker and it was set a little farther away from the road than the previous marker.  Thanks to the city of Pewee Valley for their persistence in requesting the marker be replaced.
New Business:
a.  The camp picnic that was tentatively scheduled for mid August has been canceled in view of the recent picnic at West Point and the oppressive heat that we usually experience in August.  We will take a look at a meeting/picnic in the Sep/Oct time-frame.
b.  Dues statements have been sent out to all members.  They were mailed on Monday, July 12th, and already the adjutant has received 21 payments as of Friday, July 16th.  Current camp membership is 56 members and 5 cadets.  An updated address, phone, and Email roster will be forthcoming.
c.  Discussions were held concerning the upcoming National Reunion and the proposed amendments to the SCV Constitution and Standing Orders.  Recommendations were provided to Commander Hayes, who will be the camp delegate at the convention next week in Anderson, SC.
d.  The adjutant provided a funds report, and dues will be collected and the KY Div portion will be sent to Sam Hatcher, the Ky Div Adjutant.
e.  All members are reminded of David Harbolt’s upcoming wedding.  All members are invited.  The ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 2, 2010, at the Ellers Memorial Baptist Church, 446 Cogar Ave., Harrodsburg, KY 40330.  Additional details will be provided in Sept.  Please make plans to attend and let’s help David make this a day to remember.
f.   The Massing of the Colors was a huge success last year and we will participate again this year.  If you have a period costume or uniform you are welcome to be part of the platoon that represents the Confederacy during the ceremony.  If you don’t have a period costume or uniform please plan on attending as a spectator and enjoy the ceremony.  It is an honored military tradition that is always scheduled on or close to Veterans Day in November.  This year it will be held on Saturday, Nov 6th.  It will be held in the hangar of the old Kentucky Flying Service at Bowman Field.  More to follow closer to the date.
g.  A letter was sent to a gentleman who was criticized for displaying a Confederate Battle Flag below a United States flag on his property.  WHAS-TV did a piece on the flag that was televised.  The camp commander delivered the letter of support to the individual and offered assistance and information on the SCV.  To date, no response has been received from the individual, but he certainly has our support to express his constitutional right to display our sacred Southern symbols on his private property.
h.  David Harbolt gave a good rundown of the candidates for election at the upcoming National Reunion.  Thanks to David for his expertise on the individuals and the positions.
i.  The next meeting will be held on Aug 21st to discuss the results of the National Convention.
j.  David Maddox of the Orphans Brigade gave details of the upcoming reunion in Franklin, KY.  More to follow.
All questions or concerns can be addressed to:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lt. Bennett H. Young's Medal of Honor Finds a Home

Congratulations are in order for Past Commander, John Suttles, and the members of the General Lloyd Tilghman SCV Camp #1495 and the Mechanized Cavalry who sponsored the framing and mounting of the Confederate Medal of Honor for Lieutenant Bennett Henderson Young.

These sons of Confederate veterans gave of their time and money to honor a Kentucky Confederate soldier who was not a native of their own town as SCV Camp #1495 is located in Paducah, Kentucky, while Lieutenant Young was born in Nicholasville and lived much of his life in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some of you may be aware that Lieutenant Young was selected many years ago by the SCV Medal of Honor Committee to receive a Confederate Medal of Honor. His medal was presented to the Military Museum in Frankfort, Kentucky, and it has disappeared or political correctness got a hold of it.

John Suttles wasted no time after he was informed of details about the missing medal. Due to his efforts, southerners can be confident that the Lieutenant Young Medal of Honor will be preserved for posterity.

The medal is on display at the SCV-owned General Lloyd Tilghman Home Museum, 631 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah, Kentucky 42003. The museum hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 4 p.m. except during winter months. The museum telephone number is (270) 575-5477.

Make plans for a day trip to western Kentucky and enjoy the museum artifacts and view the photograph of Lt. Bennett Young and his shiny Medal of Honor. This medal is newly designed and truly a delight to the eyes. Paducah is a town that has a lot to be proud of and is well worth a day of sightseeing. Don’t miss a drive down to the river front plaza and the marvelous flood wall murals.

Again, “thanks” to John and Camp #1495 for an outstanding accomplishment by establishing a permanent place for the only Kentucky recipient’s SCV-recognized Confederate Medal of Honor.

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Oh Bobby Lee" by Ben Kennedy

Did you really know what you were doing when you sent those
boys up that hill to die? And what gallant boys they were at that
since they fought not for fame or fortune but for the
inalienable rights that all men should have.

Oh Bobby Lee, could you not foresee
the terrible disaster that your order would bring.
Not only for the grandsons of patriots
but for everyone for over a hundred years hence.

Oh Bobby Lee, the tears you must have cried
when you left behind the best and the bravest.
The same kind of tears are now shed by so many
today who understand what was really lost that bloody day.

Oh Bobby Lee, maybe you did not know
that the constitution was in your hands that day.
Not only did your boys die in that ill-fated charge
but so did the rights of every state that was free.

Oh Bobby Lee, what a wonderful faith
and Love for God that you must have known.
But had you not read where it is written?
"Do not test the Lord your God"

Oh Bobby Lee, you went to your reward
knowing that you left it in His hands.
It was not meant to be that day only because
the Lord did not wish it to be so.

Take heart Bobby Lee, for the flame has not
gone out and the gallantry is not forgotten.
For in His time there will be freedom once again
in this great nation because His will is always done.

Deo Vindice!

Commander Hayes' Letter to Lyndon Resident

Dear Sir:
First of all, on behalf of all the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans we would like to welcome you to the Louisville area if you are moving here from another city.  We deeply regret that some of your neighbors seem to be upset by your traditional display of the Confederate Battle Flag.  We are always concerned when we see people who only think of the battle flag as a symbol of hate or racism.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans stand ready to assist any citizens who experience a prejudicial encounter because of their Southern heritage and the right to express that heritage in any form that is protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
One of the major goals of our organization is to educate the public as to the causes of the secession of the Southern States and the resultant conflict known as the War Between the States, or as it is commonly misnamed, the Civil War.
If we can be of any assistance to you in this matter please contact us.  If you are a descendant of a Confederate soldier we would welcome you to join our local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I have enclosed a brochure with membership information.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Please visit our camp website at: http://johnhuntmorgan.scv.org.
William M. Hayes
Commander, John Hunt Morgan Camp 1342
Sons of Confederate Veterans

WHAS11.com: "Residents in Lyndon Concerned About How Neighbor is Portraying Area"

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