Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lt. Bennett H. Young's Medal of Honor Finds a Home

Congratulations are in order for Past Commander, John Suttles, and the members of the General Lloyd Tilghman SCV Camp #1495 and the Mechanized Cavalry who sponsored the framing and mounting of the Confederate Medal of Honor for Lieutenant Bennett Henderson Young.

These sons of Confederate veterans gave of their time and money to honor a Kentucky Confederate soldier who was not a native of their own town as SCV Camp #1495 is located in Paducah, Kentucky, while Lieutenant Young was born in Nicholasville and lived much of his life in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some of you may be aware that Lieutenant Young was selected many years ago by the SCV Medal of Honor Committee to receive a Confederate Medal of Honor. His medal was presented to the Military Museum in Frankfort, Kentucky, and it has disappeared or political correctness got a hold of it.

John Suttles wasted no time after he was informed of details about the missing medal. Due to his efforts, southerners can be confident that the Lieutenant Young Medal of Honor will be preserved for posterity.

The medal is on display at the SCV-owned General Lloyd Tilghman Home Museum, 631 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah, Kentucky 42003. The museum hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 4 p.m. except during winter months. The museum telephone number is (270) 575-5477.

Make plans for a day trip to western Kentucky and enjoy the museum artifacts and view the photograph of Lt. Bennett Young and his shiny Medal of Honor. This medal is newly designed and truly a delight to the eyes. Paducah is a town that has a lot to be proud of and is well worth a day of sightseeing. Don’t miss a drive down to the river front plaza and the marvelous flood wall murals.

Again, “thanks” to John and Camp #1495 for an outstanding accomplishment by establishing a permanent place for the only Kentucky recipient’s SCV-recognized Confederate Medal of Honor.

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